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I began my art training at a rigorous and competitive private high school in Cincinnati. I went on to study for several years at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. I still draw on (no pun intended?) the tutelage I received under my drawing instructor there, Mr. Herbert T. Olds. A 5’ tall Italian man who ran around the classroom saying “Capiche”?

I completed my undergraduate degree in Ashland, Oregon at Southern Oregon University. After enrolling in S.O.U. in 1999, I received my BFA in 2003, graduating with a 3.9 GPA. I especially appreciate the instruction I received from Mr. Cody Bustamante, a former student of Nathan Olivera. While at S.O.U. I also minored in both Criminology and Computer Science.

BFA Magma Cum Laude
Southern Oregon University 1999-2003

Northern Arizona University 1990-1991

Carnegie Mellon University 1987-1990